About Us

Restoring pride of place through music 

Although the Bronx was once a hub for music creation and performance, the disinvestment in the 1970s and 1980s destroyed many performance venues, devastating the music scene. As a result, access to arts and cultural programming has become scarce in the Bronx.

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Created by WHEDco, the BMHC is committed to preserving and promoting Bronx music, cultivating Bronx artists, spurring neighborhood revival, and providing free cultural programs for the community. The BMHC will be permanently located in Bronx Commons, WHEDco's third and largest mixed-use development, which broke ground in 2017. It is currently located in our second housing development, Intervale Green, at 1303 Louis Niñé Boulvard, Bronx, NY 10459. The BMHC hosts music performances, art exhibits, artists-in-residence, workshops

The BMHC hosts music and arts events at the BMHC Lab, and throughout the Bronx. See all our upcoming events.